Saturday, 8 October 2011

Friday, 7 October 2011

letting go ilsya shawl

Shawl cotton ilsya
* letting go my brand name ilsya shawl
* I buy this shawl in price RM 39 but I sell this only RM25 for clear it. 
*save RM 14
*colour soft pink, cosy orange, turqoise, purple and red.
for faster deal sms me 017-7430655

I give you link to read :)

Brown medium bag

Brown medium handbag
*has large compartment and one pocket inside
*has backle in right and left side in handbag as you can see in picture
*half leather
for faster deal sms me 017-7430655

Green printed hobo bag

Green printed hobo bag
*has large compartment and zip
*colour as you can see in the picture
*include sling
*can carry in two different style sling bag/carry it
for faster deal sms me at 017-7430655

Thursday, 6 October 2011


first of all I would like to introduce my name is afiqah bte abd razak. I open my new blogshop because I think this is the good way to sell my items in here. I am lacking of idea where I should start but I hope you guys can give some ideas or opinion in here as friends or customers. The conditions of goods is mostly is used but still in good, trust me. I will never dissapoint my customer. Insyallah ;]